Global ScaleUp Program

Is your Fintech ready to accelerate your growth journey, conquer new markets, and scale significantly? 


World-class expertise & partner matchmaking

This unique 4-month program has a clear and specific goal: help Fintechs set and reach their next global ambitions.  Many barriers exist to entering and succeeding in new markets: securing investment, overcoming regulatory barriers, and finding the right partners.  While these are challenges, even more Fintechs fail to scale as they are not ready to grow!  We explicitly address these stated challenges but more importantly tackle the prerequisite for successful scaling: having a clear growth strategy in place and a company and team ready for expansion.

We offer our selected teams:

  • Three co-creation strategy and growth workshops with scaling expert Rebecca Homkes (London Business School and London School of Economics)
  • 4-day delegation to London to meet potential partner banks, collaborators and investors. Participants will be provided with tickets to the Innovate Finance conference, which we will attend.
  • 2-day delegation to Berlin to meet potential partner banks, collaborators and investors.
  • Two country specific seminars with experienced founders, legal experts and market experts to equip you with essential knowledge of the UK & German market

Dr. Rebecca Homkes will run the three workshops which are designed to reset your growth strategy including identify how you will create and capture value, evaluate your market fit, and kick-start you on the scaling journey.

Dr. Rebecca Homkes is a high-growth strategy specialist who serves as a Teaching Fellow at the London Business School (LBS)’s Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, a Fellow at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), and a Director at the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre (ASMC).  A strategy advisor and CEO consultant, she works with executive teams of the top global companies and fast-growing enterprises on developing and executing strategies for growth, especially when facing extreme uncertainty.  Homkes is also part of a Silicon Valley investment ecosystem and corporate innovation consultant and faculty director of the global Active Learning Programme (ALP) for the Young President’s Organization (YPO).

Designed for you


If you are a Fintech and you are at a stage where you’re embarking on your internationalization journey – then this program is made for you.  The program is focused on getting things done, and to be a launch-pad for your potential entry in UK and/or Germany. 

The participants in this program will consist of top Nordic Fintechs that are ready to take their solutions beyond our Nordic borders. At our delegation trips we will setup meetings with the relevant parties from potential partner banks, introduce you to ecosystem players, investors and legal partner to tackle your regulatory concerns. 


12.000 DKK / startup (2 people) for the three workshops, two market specific seminars and the two delegation trips with full set program including matchmaking with potential partners. This includes transport and hotel for both Berlin & London, certain terms & conditions do apply. 


All workshops, seminars and delegations are mandatory to attend. The Global ScaleUp Program requires 2 participants per company.  Please note that this is a program focused on execution and you will be expected to dedicate time to work on your expansion in between sessions.  





  1. Welcome
  2. Program walk-through
  3. Q&A

Time: 12:30-14:00

This session focuses on equipping you with what you need to know about entering the UK market with a Fintech 

  • STARTUP PERSPECTIVE case study – WorldRemit
  1.  How WorldRemit scaled from 2 people to 600 in 8 years in London
  2. The path to international growth – growing opportunities & pains
  3. The biggest challenges to scaling a business in the UK/to the UK
  4. Danglish – navigating British English business culture
  • INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE by Foreign Ministry

Time: 12:30-14:00

This session focuses on equipping you with what you need to know to enter the German market as a Fintech.

  • INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE by Foreign Ministry
    1. Introduction to Fintech in Germany – special focus on hotspots (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich)

    2. Current Market Trends – what are German stakeholders and potential partners looking for?

    3. Partnership Models – how to establish and cultivate partnerships in Germany.

Sharpening your current product-market fit and questioning it’s transferability for new markets

  • Understanding your current & ideal circles of customers
  • Value proposition design
  • Go-to market strategy
  • Identifying & prioritizing critical assumptions
  • Map of milestones

Output: Prioritized hypotheses to test for each point above

Time: 11:00-18:00

A full-program for meeting potential partner banks, investors and other key collaborators. 


A full-program of meeting potential partner banks, investors and other collaborators. It is during London Fintech Week, and 2-days will be spent at Innovate Finance Conference. 


Full day workshop, defining how you should make money and why you should make money

  • Iteration of value creation (WS#1) & messaging
  • Testing market-fit
  • Capturing value
    • How: Business model and pricing structure
    • Why: Competitive advantage and cost structure
  • Milestones

Output: Updated milestones and hypotheses for capturing value

Time: 9:00-16:00


A full-day workshop, prioritizing your iterations and gearing your team

  • Product and feature development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Team structure & capabilities for scaling
  • Ensuring continuous learning & feedback loops

Time: 8:30-16:30




Rebecca Homkes