Incubation Program

Are you dreaming of starting a fintech startup and looking for the perfect way to get started?


No bullshit & all co-creation!
We run 3-month incubation programs targeted at early stage fintech startups with audacious ambitions. The purpose is to provide the best launchpad for entrepreneurs wishing to build awesome fintech ventures.

We offer our selected teams:

  • Free office space at Copenhagen Fintech Lab for 3 months
  • Exclusive access to our corporate partners and sponsors
  • All benefits of being a Labster 
  • Opportunities pitch to selected partners and VCs

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Starting date: September 13 2019
Copenhagen Fintechlab – Applebys Plads 7 1411 CPH K
Target Group: Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to fully pursue their idea full-time
Price: Free participation & we take no equity


*Deadline for applications is 9th of August 2019

Recommended by founders

"Getting valuable feedback from other talented entrepreneurs, really helped us focus on taking our product to the next level. On top of that the people from the highest levels of Danish finance and tech that we were able to add into our personal network will be extremely important for our future.
Tegan Spinner
Ceo & Founder of Lokalist
"We had a great time participating in the incubation program. The idea of letting us co-create the program worked really well. We started with just an idea, and now three months later we are live with a product, happy customers and we have raised our first round of investment. The incubation program was a huge help getting this first traction. Thanks a lot!"
Maximilian Frimmer
Co-founder of Likvido


Alumni first half of 2019

Meet our third batch of startups in the program

AVA Fintech

Freddy, Ali and Morten joined as former colleagues into a this new startup which they called AVA Fintech. They joined with the vision to help people understand their financial situation and opportunities in what can often be an incomprehensible jungle of financial products making it difficult to know what to do. The solution is a virtual assistant that allows you to instantly get the answers that you need without having to spend time getting in contact with a financial advisor. Through the incubation program they built a MVP of their product and iterated on the concept and business model while continuously talking to potential customers and partners. Learn more about AVA here


Rasmus joined the program bringing with him his in depth understanding of treasury from the established sector, with a strong passion and vision for helping people reap the financial benefits large companies have been for ages. Plata is a peer-to-peer lending platform which makes it easy, credible and minimizes risk to loan and lend peer-to-peer. Through the incubation program, the team talked to many potential customers and refined their value proposition while building a prototype of the product and meeting potential partners.  Learn more about Plata here


This team joined as a startup team from Nordea, pursuing an idea originally conceived through an internal hackathon. Throughout the program the team spent most of the time to deep dive into getting to know the problem, the pains and the customers. The team joined with a strong passion for making it easier and more rewarding for people to make donations to causes they care about. The concept titled ‘DO Good’ quickly turned into a clickable prototype which was tested with customers. The team started by taking a step back from the idea and resisting the core problem of what barriers people experience to donating more then through several iterations validated the concept allowing the idea to be spun into an internal program and pursued further after the 3 months. 


Alumni second half of 2018

Meet our second batch of startups in the program

Clareply |
Henrik, Shum and Thomas joined the program with the great unique mix of a philosopher, programmer and lawyer united by a mission to make it easy to be compliant. is a safe, and easy to use platform for onboarding new clients in a compliant way – starting with their beachhead market of law firms. The problem is apparent and acknowledged and throughout the program the team worked close with various law firms to understand the user behavior and needs for which to design their solution. They also stood out as incredible business developers with a sharp capability of identifying collaborative opportunities with corporates and startups alike. Read more for yourself and checkout their website.

Anoop and Alexandra joined the program through a hackathon we arranged earlier in the year with the ambition to address the fact that majority of millennial do not invest, and to develop the technology to lower the entry barriers of stock investments. Through the program they explored alternative value propositions for bringing fractionalized stocks to millennials and developed a demo version of their product as well as adding a third co-founder to the team Christian. Christian came with a strong entrepreneurial background, adding to Anoop’s background in finance and investments and Alexandra’s legal expertise as an associate professor in Corporate Law at Copenhagen University. Read more for yourself and checkout their website.

Charlotte joined the program with an ambitious dream backed by a determined action-plan which quickly attracted her co-founder and CTO Daniel and they finished the program as a 6-person team. In the three months, they didn’t only build a great team but also applied a customer-centric approach to defining their product and built a prototype of their solution and tested it on-site in Ghana with their target segment of unbanked communities. JamiiPay works within financial inclusion and will bring a solution to unbanked communities, starting in Ethiopia, which gives them the instrumental access to sustainable savings, transactions and loans. Read more for yourself and check out their website.

Jens came from a background working with SDGs and financing with the UN on behalf of the Danish Government in New York, and joined the program with a strong passion for enabling the world to invest directly in creating a better tomorrow. Today, buildings in the EU represent 40% of energy consumption, and there’s an enormous unaddressed energy efficiency market for retrofitting of buildings. OwnCity can be described as the Kickstarter of energy efficiency projects and utilizes smart contracts to build their platform. Throughout the program they tackled the high-entry barriers including legal partners and frameworks, found their pilot customer (a school), and made important industry partnerships. Read more for yourself and check out their website.

Kourosh and Emil joined the program with an impressive expertise in their field, as a professor and graduated student of DTU – now together as co-founders. Algostrata is a platform that allows roboadvisors and ETF investment managers build better investment strategies. Throughout the program they redirected their focus from the technology to the customers and defined what the actual need is and found their entry into the market. The platform is prototyped and ready to be rolled out with the initial customers in DK, with clear plans to scale internationally.


Alumni first half of 2018

Meet our first batch of startups in the program

Max & Lars were among the first entrepreneurs to ever join the lab when we were just getting started in 2016 with a startup that scaled to over 45 people. They came back & joined our incubation program this time with a new startup to solve a problem they painfully discoverred with their last startup – debt collection. Determined to help companies be smart in how they prevent and deal with debt collection, Max & Lars built a great product, got investment, ran collection cases for small customers, created several strategic partnerships and started multiple pilot projects with large customers. Visit their website & read more at

Beneath Crypto
Benjamin took the leap from Nordea to entrepreneurship as he joined our incubation program. Benjamin brought a clear vision for how to bring greater transparency to enable smarter decisions within the world of crypto. Combining that vision with the technical ability to build a product that can actually deliver on that promise especially impressed the blockchain experts in our community. Beneath Crypto is founded on a mission to provide facts and sober insights about value and risks in the decentralised economy. Through the program Benjamin validated the customer need, built his product, defined a business model and geared up for launch. 

Ralf & Arthur joined the program with a MVP of their platform and estblished partnership with Nets, Danske Bank & Mobilepay. Tegan the founder & CEO moved to Denmark from Silicon Valley on a startup Visa to build Lokalist – a dedication reflected in his & his team relentless grit. Lokalist aims to fix everything that’s wrong with selling and buying used goods & have a unique approach to solving the pricing and issue. Through the program the team aggressively built a customer-base, creatively solved the platform dilemma, and took their MVP to the next level. Check out their platform here

Søren, Svante & Mikael left jobs at Kromann Reumert, Coinify & Saxo Bank to fully pursue their startup. What really stood out in their process was the deep focus they placed on really understanding their customers and making sure that their product address unmet needs – exemplified by continious thorough customer interviews. Kunikum offers financial products on the blockchain and makes it easy to trade stocks with cryptocurrency. Through the program they validated the customer need, built a product, and launched a first version with real customers.