Virtual Fintech Lab

A platform to scale the exciting opportunities that arise beyond our physical walls of the Lab & Co-Lab

On our Virtual Lab platform we invite the world of fintech to solve real challenges that our partners face. We are happy to announce that our first partner is CARE Denmark - which is part of CARE International, one of the worlds largest NGOs. CARE Denmark is looking to partner more with Fintech startups to address and find unique solutions to key challenges they meet as they work to combat poverty, end hunger and achieve social justice for marginalized and poor people in Asia and Africa. The aim is to use this platform to share key challenges we face in our work as an open “call for solutions”.

Our Virtual Lab is powered by the Wazoku platform - to join you can simply register here.

Cash & loans for the unbanked

CARE Denmark offers DKK 100.000 to a Fintech startup who wants to help reimagine the way CARE works by proving their concept for a solution to the “Cash & loans for the unbanked” -challenge!

CARE is looking for solutions to help solve the global poverty problems – and we believe that fintech startups have the answers. So if you have the right concept - CARE will put in the resources needed to prove its' value – and pay you 100.000 DKK for your time when testing the concept in collaboration. We need your help to reimagine the way we work.