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AI Alpha Lab

We believe that AI empowered portfolio managers will dominate the future investing space. Through an AI filter based on a generalized Bayesian deep learning neural network we offer a product that gives portfolio managers a better investment universe as a starting point for their investment process. Thus, we help build a bridge between asset management and the technology of tomorrow


Focused on delivering a stable secure and groundbreaking mobile payment solution, with multi-asset integration and a range of integration tools, for both private customers and businesses.


Speed and precision for investigation, data privacy and cyber security. Avian is the premiere service and integration partner of Nuix technology in the Nordics

Blocser supports the growing community of individuals who work outside the 9-5 model. The gigsters, part time workers, freelancers, crossborder workers, the artists and entrepreneurs. We give them an account and a payment card, a billing tool and a digital business card. We help them understand and exploit the digital opportunities in the new universal gig economy.


BTCS Technologies Aps


A secure tool that takes care of AML obligations.

Clockwork Trading

Clockwork makes trading and investing inclusive for everyone to have a chance at growing their prosperity. We are unifying the traditional financial asset markets and the new digital asset market into one ESMA regulated trading platform. Users can fund, trade and collateralize with both fiat- and cryptocurrencies into traditional securities.

Contract Technology


We add legal weight and legitimacy to software and smart contracts, which will truly enable the digitization of business processes. Our solution is a software compiler that understand natural language and write a corresponding software contract. In essens, we turn natural language contracts into software contracts, providing a formal proof that the natural language contract and the software contract is the exact same thing. This is a necessary prerequisite to fully digitize and automate business processes.


Copenhagen FinTech

Copenhagen FinTech is the industry association based on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech. Meet the organization behind the Lab on 3rd floor.


We disrupt the factoring market. We provide the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve 90 days of credit based on your invoice.


Helps companies, accountants, banks, and developers to make financial data more simple by providing a platform that links financial services with real time credit rating and benchmark data

Deon Digital

Cutting-edge technology empowering collaborative, agile, and cost efficient business applications built around a domain specific modeling language.

The DreamPlan advisory solution informs the user about their financial situation at present based on their actual financial data – and allows the user to play around with different possible future scenarios taking into account dreams of larger investments (a new car, a year off work, a trip around the world, early pension etc). Everybody wins when financial products and service easily and hassle-free can support the customers desired way of life.

Engagement International

Supports banks, pension funds and other institutional investors to act as active owners and responsible investors


Integrates directly with your accounting system, and makes it easy for your customers to pay invoices with all available payment solutions

Financial Confidence

Financial Confidence is an independent Financial Advisory platform, providing impartial services within personal and family financial management. The mission is to help everyone getting a healthy economy and financial freedom.

Finklusiv Danmark

Finklusiv Danmark is a social enterprise that has set out to develop the first formal inclusive financial solution for under-represented micro business owners in Denmark.

Full Reach

Full Reach is a Fintech-focused strategic and creative marketing agency based in London and Copenhagen, with a full creative agency in central Europe. Founded by employees of Fintech Unicorn WorldRemit (money transfer, UK), the team loves working with fast-growth, disruptive and internationally-minded businesses.


hiveonline helps small business grow by giving them opportunities to increase their market and improve their access to financial services.

Impact X

IMPACT X record, analyse and rate companies with a sustainable solution as their core business. For investors, accelerators and corporates that would like to assess business opportunties on a multi bottomline.


Kameo operates a digital marketplace for crowdfunded loans to small businesses and property developers. 


Online marketplace for loans where privates and organisations can lend directly to small Danish companies.

LET Regulering

LETregulering er en platform, der indeholder danske og EU-regler om reguleringen af finansiel virksomhed samt regler i tilknytning til den finansielle sektor.


Mazepay A/S is founded by experienced professionals from both the financial services and technology industry. At mazepay we believe there is an easier way to do B2B purchases and  payment – mazepay simplifies corporate spend.


Helps people make a difference while their savings grow on a digital investment platform.


Moneyflow is a dynamic cash management platform for small business. Offering real time access to both loans and loan investments with great rates.


With NewBanking you can manage and share your identity with companies you trust.


Noitso is a pioneer in the field of using big data and advanced algorithms to predict customer behavior. Our core solution consists of a modular, customizable decision engine called Score Engine, that retrieves data from a large number of data sources, used for building accurate scoringmodels that supports the right credit decisions.  

Nordic Token Alliance

NTA will develop the first international standard for due diligences of blockchain focused projects.

We aim to create higher quality of the due diligence procedure through the cooperation with the Danish Accreditation Fund, DANAK.

Helps investors by providing automated and algorithm-based portfolio and wealth management advice


First agency in the Nordic region to deliver strategic advisory and communications services 100% focused on fintech

Omnium Improvement

We help our customers manage and deliver on some of Denmark’s most complex digital challenges.


OpenLedger is a blockchain powered decentralized conglomerate, based in Denmark


Orangebooks is a new generation of accounting systems that provides fully automated accounting as a service. We will replace your accountant, your existing accounting system and all the integrations that come along with one software solutions that helps SMEs stay on top of their cash flows overview. We use open banking technology provided by PSD2.


Aims to become a leading provider of intelligent quantitative investment services. OQAM focus on transparent, simple, performance- and cost efficient investment services

Pie Systems

Solutions for the modern traveller : Today, VAT refunds are complicated, expensive, and not worth it. See what we’re cooking up…

PII Guard

PII Guard provides the complete solution for encrypting and protecting PII and other sensitive information, and for generating high-quality test data.


Plata er en platform hvor indlån og udlån er til samme faste ÅOP på 5%



PLX AI offers financial news feeds powered by artificial intelligence. We use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically extract and deliver market-moving news from companies, central banks and governments. Our AI publishes news for humans to read and react on, but also for machines, via a structured data feed that plugs into computer applications for trading, analysis, investment advice, sentiment monitoring. 




With Rumly, your next property adventure is only a few clicks away. We have made it easier for someone who already has a home, to swap this for a new one. When you register your property with Rumly, you will also indicate which type of home you are looking for. From here, our unique SwapMatch algorithm will ensure that you are only presented with properties where mutual wishes are fulfilled.



The Sikker Safe is a highly engineered physical safe that contains a computer that works in combination with multiple sensors that are connected to the most advanced security systems ever devised. In the event of a hack or theft attempt, your assets are immediately divided into 12 individual, encrypted keys that are then distributed away from the safe across the trusted SIKKERvault network, thus making any theft attempt futile as the contents will be gone long before the thief gains access, thus creating the greatest deterrent of all time!

Sseguku Microfinance

A micro-finance startup that provides micro loans to small entrepreneurs in Africa, primarily Uganda



Subaio gives users full control of their subscription and recurring payments through a white label solution easily integrated by any financial institution


Taktikal has developed a super flexible B2B API based solution that enables service providers to offer customers to sign legally binding contracts in any platform in less than a minute.


With Tradeworks you can get your very own trading robots. They’ll monitor the markets and open and close trades for you according to predefined indicators. You can build the bots from ground up or clone one of our template bots as a jumping off point. No coding skills required. 


Leading collaborative idea management software that helps organisations crowdsource meaningful outcomes aligned to business objectives, by engaging workforces, partners, start-up communities, customers or even the world.

White Swan


We enable our clients to become their own banks through a platform for using permanent life insurance as an investment vehicle. This involves guaranteed growth and generous dividends, no taxes, as well as the ability to access the cash value without liquidation through policy collateralized loans. Our vision is to enlighten the millennial generation with this tried-and-tested strategy through a youthful and digital communication, a re-imagined distribution and underwriting process, as well as a sustainability focus that integrates measurable charity donations in our core financials.