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Get to know the teams that build their startup at Copenhagen FinTech Lab.


Speed and precision for investigation, data privacy and cyber security. Avian is the premiere service and integration partner of Nuix technology in the Nordics


The worlds leading community & platform for trade and maritime focused blockchain solutions/ventures

Block Finance

Bridging present day banking with the blockchains of tomorrow


Develops and integrate blockchain technology into existing businesses

BTCS Technologies Aps


Danish reg-tech company, which focuses on process optimisation and documentation within KYC, AML, and Risk Management


Software platform for payment cards & expense management which offers 100% automation of business processes


Helps businesses and institutions to determine which entity a cryptocurrency transaction originates from to ensure regulatory compliance


A digital platform that levels up global asset management

Copenhagen FinTech

Copenhagen FinTech is the industry association based on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech. Meet the organization behind the Lab on 3rd floor.


Helps companies, accountants, banks, and developers to make financial data more simple by providing a platform that links financial services with real time credit rating and benchmark data

Deon Digital

Cutting-edge technology empowering collaborative, agile, and cost efficient business applications built around a domain specific modeling language.

Engagement International

Supports banks, pension funds and other institutional investors to act as active owners and responsible investors


Integrates directly with your accounting system, and makes it easy for your customers to pay invoices with all available payment solutions


Data-intelligent optimization tool for private and businesses


The future Peer-to-Peer insurance platform with which we intend to fight moral hazard with the aid of modern solidarity.


A financial trust platform for Scandinavian small businesses. We fill the gap between banks, businesses, government and administration, with frictionless financial administration that builds a trust vault


Aims to become a leading provider of intelligent quantitative investment services. iaib focus on transparent, simple, performance- and cost efficient investment services


Trusted advisor and implementation consultancy in finance, treasury & technology


Help businesses to share skilled workforce. Our platform link staff shortage and overcapacity. We connect, keep and simplify staffing


Online marketplace for loans where privates and organisations can lend directly to small Danish companies.


Creates transparency in consumer loan markets, by providing consumers with personalized loan offers from multiple banks


Helps people make a difference while their savings grow on a digital investment platform.


With NewBanking you can manage and share your identity with companies you trust.

Helps investors by providing automated and algorithm-based portfolio and wealth management advice

Norden CEF

IPO, crowdfunding, bank loans og private placement for emerging growth companies


First agency in the Nordic region to deliver strategic advisory and communications services 100% focused on fintech

Omnium Improvement

We are a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making sure our customers get the most value from their investments in IT and Digitalization.

PII Guard

PII is an acronym for Personally Identifiable Information. PII Guard provides the complete solution for encrypting and protecting PII and other sensitive information, and for generating high-quality test data.

Price Insight

A mobile app with trading tips and opportunities for retail traders

Puut Wallet

Application-based e-wallet solution that wants to replace the traditional wallet

Rent Rely

We contribute to an efficient, digital, transparent and trusted rental process for private housing.


Spiir is a digital money companion who empowers users' way of life by building good money habits.

Sprinting Software

Software incubation for greenfield projects and startup companies. Your trusted software partner within blockchain, internet-of-things and related technologies

Sseguku Microfinance

A micro-finance startup that provides micro loans to small entrepreneurs in Africa, primarily Uganda


Helps independent brokers by providing a fully hosted front to backend multi-asset SaaS trading platform

Swiipe Payments

Swiipe introduces real one-click-buy on every site small as well as big. Swiipe Furthermore holds subscriptions and ensures easy onboarding of customers in the subscription industry.


A layered application running on the Ethereum blockchain, with the use of smart contracts the platform enables secure derivatives trading.

Velstand Capital

Velstand Capital ApS helps Danish financial service and product providers with international expansion


Visigon is a Nordic consultancy bridging the gap between finance and technology. We help banks, asset managers, insurance and pension companies implement, improve and maintain business-critical software within capital markets.


Leading collaborative idea management software that helps organisations crowdsource meaningful outcomes aligned to business objectives, by engaging workforces, partners, start-up communities, customers or even the world.


A European PSP within the digital currency space; Buy bitcoins - easy, fast & secure