The story of your startup. As it deserves to be told.

Dedicated entrepreneurs and original products are worth speaking up about.

However, it is not always easy to identify your story as a startup. This is where our PR Connect program comes in. We can help you talk in accordance with your values. To team members, customers, and to the rest of the world. It is important to find your tone of voice early on.

The program is targeted to assist you with these main areas:

Proactive communication or turbulent winds? If you have a product launch on the way or exciting recruitment news, we will help you push it on both digital platforms and old school written press.

Brand Story Development
Really fleshing out what your startup’s purpose is. If you cannot say it clearly, others will not understand or pay attention to it.

Internal Communications
It matters how you address your team, because words – whether written or spoken – create your culture. From onboarding kits to Slack etiquette, we got you covered.

You'll meet

PR Connect is a partnership between Copenhagen Fintech Lab and our PR Connect Partners:

MediaGroup Worldwide
How is your website presence and performance online – do you reach your target audience?

MediaGroup Worldwide is a data driven, research-based performance agency focused on high net worth audiences. A truly international agency, MediaGroup’s head office is in Switzerland, with a presence in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, London and Hong Kong.

We offer a free "audit" of your online performance and analyze how to optimize your online presence. Similarly, we analyze which media channels should be used to ensure the most relevant leads / visitors to your website.



bySennels Startup is a small but highly specialized communication agency just for startups founded by Maria Sennels and Christopher Trunk Black in 2018. Maria is the CEO of bySennels, an agency which specializes in Communication, Branding, PR, Crisis Management and Leadership Strategy for corporate clients and startups. Christopher have previously been involved in the startup environment as a communication advisor to several global startups, knowing what it takes to adapt to the specific communication needs and challenges that most startups face.

Christopher, who leads the startup communication team at bySennels Startup, will be at the Lab once a month for 3 hours, offering free of charge verbal advice on your PR and communication puzzles - Everything from how LinkedIn can be used to position you and the company towards potential new investors, why a well-planned PR campaign can get you the right attention from your most important stakeholders to why knowing your story and your purpose, the reason for doing what you do, is important when you communicate to the outside world. If further hands-on help is needed, Christopher will invoice you per applicable rates.

Email: or contact on LinkedIn
Website for bySennels Startup: and then Startup

Do you judge a book by its cover? Of course you do! That is why we are here to lift up your visual identity - and make it look the best as it can!

M-O-M Digital Agency is a small but highly professional agency that has delivered digital and online solutions since 2010. We are specialised in web development, graphic design and marketing which include the making of visual identities, logos, brand guidelines, design manuals & online and offline design (for both websites and marketing).

So if you need to either re-design your already existing website, make a better customer journey, implement other colours and icons, make a whole new visual identity etc., we can help you. When we visit Copenhagen Fintech Lab we are offering free of charge advice on whatever question or problem you may have within this field. If further help is needed we invoice you by an agreed price.

Email: or contact us via our website
Website for M-O-M:*