Captivating listeners with a powerful delivery is key to a great pitch

But how do you improve your speaking and presentation skills? How do you prepare yourself when practicing for that key moment of truth? Mette Ærbo Behrend is here to help.

Mette Ærbo Behrend is a rhetorician who has experience in helping entrepreneurs pitch more powerful. Mette is a specialist in identifying your strengths and improvement opportunities in according to your personal verbal and nonverbal communication.

All practice is tailored to meet the needs of each individual – even though you pitch as a team. Mette’s method contains practical exercises for the breathing, relaxation of tension, grounding/posture and the voice.

Ask Mette for advice with regards to: powerful delivery, nervousness about performing, how to approach different pitch situations (e.g pitches for VC’s, BA’s, potential partners, competitions and the elevator pitch), voice coaching and help for working with increased body awareness.

Mette will be at the Lab once a month for 3 hours offering verbal advice free of charge. If assistance is needed for specific pitch situations besides these hours, you can contact Mette for price/further arrangement.