Mentor Program

The Copenhagen FinTech Mentor Program is a new ambitious initiative targeted and tailored towards Copenhagen FinTech members and will be developed continuously.

  • Each mentor is carefully chosen on the basis of their experience, knowledge and personality, to complement you perfectly in order to create the best results. It is only possible to become a mentor by recommendation.
  • The program is built upon several years of experience within mentor programs and deviates by following a regular meeting format where you will receive mentoring from 3-4 mentors at a time.
  • Every mentor session is a small acceleration of your start-ups development.
  • This ensures that you will get a 360 degree look upon your situation, enabling you to be fast and efficient in regard to taking the best decision in terms of the growth of your business.
  • Only active members of Copenhagen FinTech can apply for participation in the program.

Accelerate your start-up to
achieve world domination

Expand your knowledge and
explore business opportunities

30 mentors connected to the
program within 1 year

20 companies selected to the
program within 1 year


Morten Remmer

Jacob Høeg Madsen

Jakob Wedel

Jesper Johansen

Jesper R. Simonsen

Frederik Scholten

Ina Rosen

Anette Vainer

Lisbeth Meng-Collignon

Jacob Lachmann

Jeppe Winther

Sally Khallash

Natasha Friis Saxberg

Thomas Weikop

Amit Desai

Jesper Dammand

Martin Tillisch

Johan Lorenzen

Jesper Nyvold Larsen

Susanne Brønnum

Casper Claudius Gregersen

Nicolai Lachmann

Henrik Brorsen

Cecilie Willer

Christina Bustrup

Louise Jorring Gev

Troels Bulow-Olsen

Rina Asmussen

Thorben Sander

Per Nielsen

Christoffer Godt-Hansen

Jesper Ulsø

Thomas Sugar

Lars Albert Beck Thomsen

Per Nielsen

Peter Sevel

Christian Schmidt

Dan Jensen

Betty Yan Liu

Puk Falkenberg

Helle Nielsen-Elgaard

Jonas Rasmussen

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Simon Engelbrecht

Barbara Taudorf Andersen

Daniel Vittrup

Morten Handsdahl

Jesper Nielsen

Henrik Hjortshøj-Nielsen