Rising entrepreneurs need lawyers just as much as CEO’s with big empires.

So we created Law Connect

Financial regulation and legal matters are a consistent part of the workload for fintech startups. From regulation issues to data handling and of course staff and partner contracts. At Copenhagen FinTech Lab we want to help our entrepreneurs get high-quality legal guidance.

With the Law Connect Program we link the entrepreneurs to selected law firms that care about early-stage businesses and fintech development.

Law Connect Partners

These are the Law Connect partners our residents will meet in the Lab:

Bird & Bird
Anders Wernblad, Partner
Email: Anders.Wernblad@twobirds.com
Direct: +45 51999083

Annette Printz Nielsen, Senior Associate
Email: Annette.Nielsen@twobirds.com
Direct: +45 39 14 16 60

Anders Wernblad and Martin von Haller Grønbæk are part of Bird & Bird's FinTech-team, which also includes lawyers from London, Frankfurt, Milan and other financial centres.

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen Law Firm
Søren Brinkmann, partner/attorney-at-law
Direct: +45 29925522
Stefan Wiencken, attorney-at-law
Direct: +45 31182830

Stefan and Søren are very experienced in advising tech companies and the financial services industry engaging in corporate ventures. Our services to fintechs include both "legal", e.g. financial regulation, IT-law, strategic ventures/white label, M&A, data protection, etc., and "commercial".

Website: bkhlaw.dk

Bruun Hjejle
Ulrik Kloss Fenneberg, Attorney
Direct: +45 30188788

Ulrik is Attorney at Bruun & Hjejle, where he particularly advises on transactions in banking and finance, M & A and capital markets.

Camphausen|Co Law Firm
Michael Camphausen, Partner, Attorney, PhD
Email: mca@camphausen.dk
Mobile: +45 22306065

The specialist fintech team from Camphausen|Co is highly experienced in fintech regulation and financial regulation, including license matters and representation before the Danish FSA. We also provide specialized advice and trusted sparring on compliance, corporate, commercial, tech and data protection matters to fintechs. We connect a lot of fintech startups with established financial players and banks.

Lars Lüneborg, Partner, Attorney
Mobile: +45 52344263

Kristian Kaltoft Nielsen, Junior Associate, Cand.Merc.(jur.)
Mobile: +45 52344388

Please stop by for a chat or give us a call. We would love to share our legal knowledge and experience with passionate entrepreneurs.

Tanja Lind Melskens, Attorney, LL.M
Email: talm@kammeradvokaten.dk
Direct: +45 51594164

The fintech team from Kammeradvokaten is headed by Tanja Lind Melskens and Henrik Kure. The team consists of specialists working within financial regulation, IT, personal data, financing and business law.

Kielberg Law Firm A/S
Tine Walldén Jespersen, Partner, attorney, LL.M.
Email: twj@kielberg.com
Direct: +45 51999005

Tine advises on financing fintech start-ups with venture capital investments and on the financial regulation of fintech products. She is also Kielberg Law Firm’s point of contact for fintech start-ups’ other legal issues.

Kromann Reumert
Jacob Høeg Madsen, Partner
Email: jhm@kromannreumert.com
Direct: +45 38774458 / Mobile: +45 40303016

Kromann Reumert has a team of specialist advisors committed to helping Fintech start-ups navigate the regulatory landscape. Jacob Høeg Madsen will serve as your one-point of contact.

Rasmus Mandøe Jensen, Partner
Email: rmj@plesner.com
Direct: +45 36941299 / Mobile: +45 30937170

With extensive experience in finance and financial regulation (including fintech), my focus is on delivering commercially viable solutions to legal challenges

Our Law Connect partners will visit the Lab regularly. Residents can book individual meetings or just pop by for a quick question.

Please note this

Well, there's always a disclaimer, isn't there?

Lawyers are subject to mandatory rules designed, among others, to prevent conflicts of interest. These rules require a lawyer to check that there is no conflict of interest before advising a potential client. The real-time nature of Law Connect's guidance means that it is not possible for the lawyers involved to check against conflicts of interest before answering the questions asked.

Therefore, while the guidance is targeted at providing answers to legal questions of a general nature where no counterparty is involved (such as "is this a regulated activity?", "am I allowed to process personal data in this manner?" or "are these customers eligible for simplified customer due diligence?"), it is not suitable for e.g. contract reviews or other advice implicating the interests of other parties.