Fintech Incubation Program

Are you dreaming of starting a fintech startup and looking for the perfect way to get started?

No bullshit & all co-creation!
We run 3-month incubation programs targeted at early stage fintech startups with audacious ambitions. The purpose is to provide the best launchpad for entrepreneurs wishing to build awesome fintech ventures.

We offer our selected teams:

o 3-month program to get from idea to validated business
o Free office space at Copenhagen Fintech Lab through the period together with awesome entrepreneurs
o 4 co-designed workshops with actionable output designed to accelerate development
o Exclusive access to our corporate partners and sponsors
o Weekly coaching meetings
o Access to daily support from business development experts
o Participation in Connect Programs; Mentors, Law, HR & VC access
o Opportunity to connect with 50+ other fintech startups in our Lab
o Invitations to our events, typically 2-3 per week in the Lab
o Final pitch to selected partners and VCs

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Starting date: September 3 2018
Place: Copenhagen Fintechlab - Applebys Plads 7 1411 CPH K
Target Group: Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to fully pursue their idea
Price: Free participation & we take no equity

OBS Max 4 participating startups! Up to four participants per team

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*Deadline for applications is 5th of August 2018

Recommended by founders

"Getting valuable feedback from other talented entrepreneurs, really helped us focus on taking our product to the next level. On top of that the people from the highest levels of Danish finance and tech that we were able to add into our personal network will be extremely important for our future."

Tegan Spinner, CEO & Founder at Lokalist

"We had a great time participating in the incubation program. The idea of letting us co-create the program worked really well. We started with just an idea, and now three months later we are live with a product, happy customers and we have raised our first round of investment. The incubation program was a huge help getting this first traction. Thanks a lot!"

Maximilian Frimmer, Co-founder of Likvido

Alumni 2018

Meet our first batch startups in the program


Max & Lars were among the first entrepreneurs to ever join the lab when we were just getting started in 2016 with a startup that scaled to over 45 people. They came back & joined our incubation program this time with a new startup to solve a problem they painfully discoverred with their last startup - debt collection. Determined to help companies be smart in how they prevent and deal with debt collection, Max & Lars built a great product, got investment, ran collection cases for small customers, created several strategic partnerships and started multiple pilot projects with large customers. Visit their website & read more at

Beneath Crypto

Benjamin took the leap from Nordea to entrepreneurship as he joined our incubation program. Benjamin brought a clear vision for how to bring greater transparency to enable smarter decisions within the world of crypto. Combining that vision with the technical ability to build a product that can actually deliver on that promise especially impressed the blockchain experts in our community. Beneath Crypto is founded on a mission to provide facts and sober insights about value and risks in the decentralised economy. Through the program Benjamin validated the customer need, built his product, defined a business model and geared up for launch. Visit the website & see for yourself at


Tegan, Ralf & Arthur joined the program with a MVP of their platform and estblished partnership with Nets, Danske Bank & Mobilepay. Tegan the founder & CEO moved to Denmark from Silicon Valley on a startup Visa to build Lokalist - a dedication reflected in his & his team relentless grit. Lokalist aims to fix everything that's wrong with selling and buying used goods & have a unique approach to solving the pricing and issue. Through the program the team aggressively built a customer-base, creatively solved the platform dilemma, and took their MVP to the next level. Check out their platform here


Søren, Svante & Mikael left jobs at Kromann Reumert, Coinify & Saxo Bank to fully pursue their startup. What really stood out in their process was the deep focus they placed on really understanding their customers and making sure that their product address unmet needs - exemplified by continious thorough customer interviews. Kunikum offers financial products on the blockchain and makes it easy to trade stocks with cryptocurrency. Through the program they validated the customer need, built a product, and launched a first version with real customers. Take a look at their website & learn more