HR Connect

A startup is shaped by talents. If you’re lucky, a few of them will drop into your mailbox, but as you’re growing, the need for new team members can be sudden. To assist you in the process of finding the right people, we have established HR Connect. It links you to some of the best recruitment resources in the business. Equally committed to scouting for your next CTO, or just being a second set of eyes on that job post.

The program is targeted to assist you with these main areas:


  • Mapping the process, job post feedback, preparing for interview, personality tests etc.


  • Draw up the employment contract, follow-ups.

Employment Legislation

  • Guidance and advice on staffing and staff matters, sparring on compliance with contractual and business conditions.

HR Connect is a partnership between Copenhagen Fintech Lab and the HR specialist Modulus HR. It is run by Annette Johannesson, previously HR director at Estee Lauder and a range of tech companies. She will be at the Lab once a month for 4 hours offering verbal advice free of charge. If assistance is needed with specific HR matters outside these hours, she will invoice you per applicable rates.

Annette Johannesson
+45 51 53 04 77 /