Techvelopment - Fintech solutions with impact to accelerate the Danish aid & development work

New innovative fintech solutions can become a significant contribution to creating a better and more sustainable world. In this roundtable session we explore the possibilities for fintechsolutions to improve and accelerate the aid & development work by Danida and Danish NGO’s.


14.00-14.10 – Introduction of Copenhagen Fintech by Simon Schou

14.10-14.20 – A short presentation of participants – what is your view on Fintech and development aid? How do you work with it now?

14.20-14.35 – Fintech solution with impact on aid and development. Small pitches by invited fintech startups – Eg. November 1st, Puut Wallet, Bancore, Chainalysis, Block, Transferwire, Penstable, Hive Online, M-payg, Coinify, Sseguku, Pangea Funds, Coders Trust etc.

14.35-14.50 – The Danida perspective on development work, challenges and possible fintech solutions: techvelopment! – Laura Sørensen Topp, Humanitarian Action, Migration and Civil Society, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Danmark.

14.50-15.05 – DanChurchAid perspective on developmentwork, challenges and possible fintech solutions: techvelopment! – Christer Lænkholm, Senior Humanitarian Adviser, DanChurchAid.

15.15.05-15.15 – Pause/Networking

15.15.15-15.30 – Introduction to a case with collaboration between Fintech and Danish Aid & Development work – M-Payg

16.15.30-15.45 – Blockchain in Development – Accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals with exponential technologies – Marianne Haahr

16.15.45-16.00 – Debate on Fintech solutions, aid & development and future collaboration

17.16.00-16.30 – Networking

If you are interested in the event, please contact either:

Laura Sørensen
+45 30 16 10 29
Simon Schou
+45 24 79 11 28


Wednesday 21st of March 2018


14:00 - 16:00


Applebys Plads 7