Get F'IT: The future of UX in the financial services industry

The ‘digital generation’, or millennials, are currently fueling the shift towards mobile banking from traditional online banking. In a saturated mobile banking market, UX is one of the key elements that makes you stand out and retain customers – ultimately UX will make or break your company. In 2014, approximately 73 % of millennials were mobile bankers and this number is projected to grow up to 94 % in 2019. Although these numbers represents nearly endless opportunities for mobile bankers, there are some issues which need to be addressed by UX designers. Financial services solutions should provide customers with an easy, fast, and transparent interaction, while maintaining high levels of security, thus creating great value propositions.

In a highly regulated sector it can be challenging to develop excellent, value adding solutions for customers due to compliance, statement of consent amongst other things. So how do actors in the financial sector innovate and develop solutions and create a great customer experience for customers? We will explore this and many other aspects of UX at Get F’IT on the 7th of March.

Copenhagen Fintech and the Innovation Network for Finance IT invites to a session on user experience in the financial sector. This will also be a kickoff event for a specified series of meetings for members of Copenhagen Fintech where we will explore various aspects of user experience such as the GDPR, Privacy Assistants, Privacy policies, ownership of data, and many more.


16.00-16.10: Welcome by Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO at Copenhagen Fintech

16.10-16.35: “Designing the future customer experience” by Aylin Kanpak, Strategic Planning Director & Partner at Hello Group

16.35-17.00: “UX in new banking” – Lunar way

17.00-17.05: Short break

17.05-17.30: “Designing security: UX and privacy” – Mads Schaarup Andersen, Senior Usable Security Expert, PhD at Alexandra Instituttet

17.30-18.00: “Lean design thinking” – Michael Mckay, Independent Design Evangelist

18.00-18.30: Network and refreshments

Price: Free for members of Copenhagen Fintech.
To hear more about membership of Copenhagen Fintech contact Business Consultant Kasper Jørgensen at or


Tuesday 7th of March 2017


16:00 - 18:00


Copenhagen FinTech


Applebys Plads 7, 1411

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