Being a visionary maker and breaker not only require creativity and courage

It also requires consideration for the business side, financials and auditing. Now, and for your future growth - say hello to Audit & Advisory Connect.

With the Audit & Advisory Connect we help you connect to the brightest minds in auditing, tax and financial advisory. The program offers face-time with specialists within audit, tax, risk, accounting + FinTech advisory packages from leading Audit & Advisory firms.

Sparring through the Audit Connect program has given us invaluable knowledge and really helped us to build a compliant business! - Nikolaj Mikkelsen, CFO goBundl

These are the Audit & Advisory Connect partners our residents can meet in the Lab


PwC is among the world’s largest professional service companies. Our 235,000 employees offer audit, tax and advisory services in 150+ countries, and we have an international network of more than 44,000 financial sector specialists.
We offer a 360-degree solution that supports Fintechs throughout all development stages irrespective of company size and level of development.

Together we find a solution that fits your needs whether they include business development (company operations and governance structure), financial advice and audit (audit, bookkeeping, funding and financing), IT consulting (IT security, operations, architecture and infrastructure), tax consulting (conditions regarding tax, payroll and VAT, approval by supervisory authorities) as well as compliance and risk (regulations on reporting and use of data).

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Robert Bo Jensen, Partner, Financial Services Technology
T: +45 5353 8263

Robert Bo Jensen leads PwC’s Financial Services Technology team and is a leader in PwC’s global Insurtech network. Robert has worked with technology and business development for more than 15 years. Further, Robert was involved in several dotcom startups during the start of the millennium.

Steen Morey Olesen, Consultant, Financial Services Technology
T: +45 3068 7627

Steen M. Olesen has experience from the Financial Sector with e.g. large-scale project reviews, compliance projects as well as major IT transformations.
He has also worked closely together with a number of Copenhagen FinTech Lab residents on funding projects.


Deloitte is one of the world's leading management consulting firms with deep expertise in audit, financial & IT advisory. Their capabilities and global relationships allows them to help your start-up with navigating a complex financial industry. Deloitte offers a fintech advisory package to any size of start up that are looking to scale up in the digital arena.

Rasmus Winther

Rasmus is a director of Deloitte Consulting. Rasmus has more than 15 years of experience with digital transformations. His expertise include customer centric strategy design, technical implementation of CRM & BI systems and data driven innovation in the financial sector.

Alan Saul - Deloitte Consulting

Alan is an equity partner of Deloitte Consulting and the leader of Financial Services. Alan has more than 17 years of consulting experience with digital transformations and primarily within the financial sector. His expertise include business development, compliance and system implementation.


KPMG is a leading consultancy in the financial services with deep relations across various departmental functions. This relationships allows them to highlight the value of your Fintech solution in the light of actual issues we uncover in the industry. KPMG offers a scalable and cost-effective model that can assist even the smallest Fintech startups with our expertise.

Morten Høgh-Petersen, State Authorised Public Accountant
T: +45 2554 3608

Morten has been working extensively the last five years on advising startups, aiding more than 150 startup companies.

Stian Prit Singh Gahlla - Consultant, Banking, Insurance & Capital Markets
T: +45 8174 8194

Stian offers consultancy within banking insurance and capital markets