Introducing Copenhagen FinTech Lab.

Co-working space dedicated to fintech entrepreneurs.

We think it’s easier to be good at something, if you don’t try to do everything at once. That’s how it is, when you try to build any business, and co-working spaces are no different. So, we have created a space exclusively for fintech entrepreneurs.

You may call us single-minded. Or just ridiculously focused.

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If your fintech startup is looking for a home we should get in touch. Book a tour with General Manager Rasmus Bjørn Dahl:


These are the numbers that matter. 100 amazingly talented entrepreneurs on 1500 square metres.

At Copenhagen FinTech Lab we have one price for every desk space, including all the benefits you need. 2500 DKK.

If you want to join with an existing team and prefer a bit of daily peace, we offer personal rooms that fit 4-6 persons.

Room with a view?

Sure thing. And a unique location by the canals of Christianshavn.

We treasure our neighborhood.

Not just because the proximity of water has a somewhat calming effect on the mind. We also value how it invites us to set off in our kayak and have a break after hours of crunch mode.

Local landmark close to our hearts:

The yellow Heering House around the block stands as a monument of the entrepreneurial pioneer Peter Frederik Heering. Starting in the early 19th century he scaled his small cherry brandy business to reach a global audience.

We are located at: Applebys Plads 7, 1411 Copenhagen.

Our mentoring resources are cut and shaped with deep knowledge of the financial sector.

We are linking you to the entire Danish fintech ecosystem, and an immense international network to support your growth.

Let’s break it down. These are the benefits you get.

  • Multiple meeting rooms and beautiful event spaces.
  • All the coffee and tea you need to stay charged.
  • Access to an international network of co-working spaces and fintech communities.
  • Subscription access to financial news papers.
  • Access to our Connect programs within Law/Legal guidance, HR, Audit & Advisory and PR.
  • Access to delicious in-house food options.
  • Printing, Amazon Web Services, and mail delivery at your desk.
  • Free membership of Copenhagen FinTech for Lab startups.
  • Kayaking opportunities on the nearby waters.

Work for free in Silicon Valley, London, Berlin, and Stockholm:

  • As a resident here, you can work alongside fintech entrepreneurs when visiting other hubs: Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley, Rainmaking Loft in London and Berlin, and Stockholm Fintech Hub.
  • Connect with hundreds of the most progressive fintech entrepreneurs. investors, and corporates through Rainmaking’s Startupbootcamp network as well as our Nordic network of fintech hubs.

We want to be the best possible driver for tomorrow’s fintech companies.

Copenhagen FinTech Lab is an initiative propelled by Copenhagen FinTech, an organisation including important stakeholders of the Danish fintech ecosystem. Rainmaking Loft is also partnering on the project. Rainmaking Loft supports 1000 entrepreneurs at co-working spaces in Denmark, UK, and Germany.

We share an ambition for creating a one-of-a-kind place, where we bring together well-established fintech startups and new ones, so they can learn from each other. We create the platform for co-creation and new partnerships, bridging the corporate and startup worlds to fuel creative innovation, get startups closer to funding and grow impactful new fintech companies.

We want to create a Danish fintech ecosystem of the highest Nordic standard.